Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blog Regurgitation

Big News Week for Florida...and also for the Florida-native writing this blog.  In my first attempt to create a weekly blog highlight reel, I thought it might be fun to list ALL of my Facebook status updates and blog from there.  
Now, I know you are saying, Adam, that is cheating.  This blog entry should consist of your original thoughts, not some regurgitated BS from your pathetic attempt at networking socially since July 2nd!  
To this, I say Its my blog and I will regurgitate if I want.  So here goes...Facebook posts are in black and my current thoughts are in RED.
  • Project Runway is back on July news of the day!   Yes, I am a reality TV junkie who happens to be Project Runway is just what the doctor ordered.  Tim Gunn is, by far, my favorite "reality television" star and I try to incorporate his slogan "Make It Work" into at least 2 conversations a day.  Now that I am the Career Center Coordinator for Broward College, this daily exercise will come in very handy!
  • I am a blogger...check it out and judge me...You are reading blog number 4, so I am blogging about as often as I went out to dinner this week.  Great news for my loyal readers.  Terrible news for my weight loss program.  Next week, less blogging and more cardio.
  • If you have a blog, send me a link. I want to follow you...then maybe you will follow me...I was never all that popular so I have no shame in begging people to be my friend or facebook follower or blog buddy. 
  • It's raining men...big, fat, wet men! Up until last week, it had not rained in Florida for like 3, it is raining everyday and not a light drizzle kind of rain.  More of a "bucket falling from the top of the door frame" kind of rain. 
  • In an effort to get more traffic on my blog, I wanted to reveal today's subject: Carmen Electra Coming attractions work for bad movies, so why not try to use my Facebook status to promote a mediocre blog about a mediocre celebrity.
  • Floridians...we live in a state where gays and lesbians cannot legally adopt a child, yet Casey Anthony will regain this "right" once she is released from prison next week. Now do you see why the GLBT community continues to fight for equal rights? The Casey Anthony verdict completely blew up my Facebook News Feed.  Given all of the attention people were paying to this topic, I thought it might be interesting to put out a different perspective.  Since posting this, I have done some further research and found out that gays and lesbians CAN adopt in the state of Florida (apparently this has been the case for a little less than a year).  Great news for the gay community.  Not so great news for me.  Once I "came out", I thought I was going to avoid the whole "when are you getting married and having kids" line of questioning.  Guess not.
  • <---shedding tears of joy for Atlantis and her crew. Godspeed. The final shuttle launch also dominated Facebook this week.  Growing up on the Space Coast, I appreciate all the great things the shuttle program did for my family and hometown.  More importantly, the advances in technology and medicine facilitated by manned space exploration will continue to make my life better.
  • The "on-air" chemistry between Bill Maher and Ann Coulter is eerily engaging but definitely dysfunctional. As we get closer to another election year, I feel my "inner liberal bear" coming out of hibernation.  I really enjoy "Real Time with Bill Maher".  This week's show included Ann Coulter, Bill Maher, and Chaz Bono in the same screen shot.  That image alone proves that the USA is still the most vibrant democracy in the world and I am thankful to be a part of it.
  • Total cost of the space shuttle program...$196 billion. Not too bad, considering the AIG bailout alone was $182 billion. Godspeed, Atlantis. "Inner liberal bear" apparently left his cave and felt compelled to point out this financial comparison.  The first figure is a result of over 30 years of hard work and innovation from the folks at NASA.  The second figure is a result of the failed economic policies of George W. Bush.  Judgy Wudgy was a bear...
  • I just joined Google+. If you are on there, let me know. Google+ is to Facebook as Diet Coke is to Coke Zero.  I love them all, but still prefer Facebook and Coke Zero...and now I am off to pour me another!

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