Wednesday, July 13, 2011

May I Speak With The Manager?

Dear Ryan,

My name is Adam DeRosa and I went to see Super 8 at your theater on Friday, July 8th at 7:05PM.  I usually go to the Regal Cinema on Cypress Creek, but Super 8 was only playing there after 9PM.  When I was exiting the theater at approximately 9PM, I decided to get a refill of my large soda.  When I got to the lobby concession stand, there was only one person behind the counter, and the line was about 12 people deep.  Coincidentally, there was a group of about 4 employees (all in the maroon polos) on the benches in the lobby.  I went up to the ticket taker and asked why there was only one person working in the concession stand.  He said the other employees were "on their break".  I immediately asked to see the manager on duty.  Katherine came to see me about 5 minutes later.  By this time, the 4 employees in the lobby had literally jumped over the counters to attend to the long line of customers.  When I told Katherine what I had witnessed, she explained that there was a one hour break between films and the concession stand workers needed to take their breaks.  As you can imagine, this answer infuriated me, so I ended the conversation and immediately asked for your business card.

Katherine then walked over the the concession stand and yelled at the employees saying something to the effect of "I told you to take your polos off during your break!"  I know this to be true because, at this point, my partner was in the line, waiting to get our soda refilled.

I am sending this email to you because I have managed employees for years, most of which were high school and college age students.  I also worked at a movie theater when I was their age and know that employee breaks are NEVER allowed to be taken within view of the customers, especially in uniform.  Granted, I was on my way out of the theater, but is this the kind of customer service Regal strives for...I doubt it.  As the manager, I wanted you to know what was happening at your theater after 9PM on a Friday evening.  I am not sure we will be returning to your theater anytime in the near future, but my partner and I are members of the Regal Cinemas Loyalty Program and would like to continue to patronize your company.  However, the employees I encountered on Friday evening, especially Katherine, will make me twice about going back to any theater you manage.

Adam DeRosa

His Reply

Mr. DeRosa,

Thank you for taking the time to email about your experience at my location on July 8th.  At Regal we strive to exceed our guest expectations and it is obvious that we failed with regards to your wait in the concession line.  For your inconvenience I would like to mail you two passes that are good at any Regal Cinemas location; if you would email me your address I can get those in the mail for you.  I will look into this incident further with all employees involved.  I am also going to use your letter as a training tool at my next employee meeting to help prevent situations like this from occurring again. 

Ryan Walton
General Manager
Oakwood Stadium 18 (#10-0463)
2800 Oakwood Blvd.
Hollywood, Fl. 33020
954-923-4321 (Office)
954-923-5203 (Fax)

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