Monday, July 4, 2011

Matthew Morrison Needed to Shave

Independence Day and I am starting a blog. Alanis Morissette-type irony!

I am watching "A Capitol Fourth" and will follow up with New York and Boston...lots of fireworks and music. Was excited to see a slim Jordin Sparks sing the National Anthem. It's nice to see an actual American Idol with a paying gig (Carrie Underwood does not music fans are loyal to a fault, just ask the Dixie Chicks). Next up, Matthew, I have missed GLEE. Then he sings an original song, yuck...should have gone with God Bless the USA. Next up, a duet with Kelli O'Hara (a Broadway diva I am not too familiar). Tonight from West Side Story (good choice, Mr. Shue). As I look up from my iPad, I see your profile on the TV screen. Holy Facial Hair, Matthew Morrison. Try Gilette Fusion.

On a well deserved break from band as far as rehearsals are concerned. However, lots of work to be done to get ready for the Strategic Planning meeting on July 20th and the Youth Pride Band. Fireworks to being shortly. Thanks to Jennifer Metts and Becca Gross for the inspiration to start this site (I have been lurking on your blogs for sometime). Until next time...


  1. Yay, Adam! Blog away! Ibdb says that Kelli O'Hara costarred with Shue in The Light in the Piazza, so perhaps they're old buddies.

    And dude, you could comment on my blog! I'd be down with that. ;) Surely YOU have thoughts.

  2. Jordin Sparks was never really that big to begin with(I like a woman with some meat on her bones), but I don't really like the new image. I like her better when she was a slightly chubby, innocent, good girl. Matthew Morrison with facial hair kind of reminds me of that stunt that Joaquin Pheonix pulled by pretending to be a jewish rapper, or whatever it was.